Welcome to Alexander Technique Northside

Hello, I’m Sara Shepherd, the host of Alexander Technique Northside.15 years ago I left the nursing wards because of continuing back pain. I had tried many things to relieve my bad back, but without lasting success. I knew enough from my time working in hospitals that I wanted to avoid surgery. So began my involvement with The Alexander Technique, first taking lessons and working to overcome my own back pain, then becoming an Alexander teacher myself.

On this site you’ll find information to help you decide if the Technique is for you. Everything is described in plain language, to try to demystify this method, which is notoriously difficult to put into words.

The technique is best understood by experience, and best communicated through the hands. If you do decide to embark on your own AT adventure, I hope that it brings you as much benefit and pleasure as it has me.

If you are here for information on AT, read about it on The Alexander Technique page.

If you already know about the technique and are looking for a teacher, you can book a lesson.

The Alexander Technique works – it’s official!

Since its inception, one of the problems for the Alexander Technique has been the lack of scientific evidence of its effectiveness. The British Medical Journal recently published the results of a large and well designed trial of The Technique which demonstrated its benefit for people suffering chronic back pain. read more

Sara Shepherd, Alexander Technique Teacher