My name is Sara Shepherd and I have a passion for teaching the Alexander Technique.Alexander Technique Teacher, Sara Shepherd, Alexander Technique Dublin

My background includes 10 years as a registered nurse. This, coupled with my already entrenched pattern of bodily misuse, was a disaster for my back. I lived for many years with chronic, often intense, back pain.

By reconnecting with my body through the Alexander Technique, I became aware of my individual movement habits, and was able to release accumulated tension and move with more ease, freedom and pleasure than ever remembered.

Learning the Alexander Technique is a gradual, cumulative process; along the way there are many side benefits that come as unexpected gifts and serve to keep you motivated.

I now have more energy, am able to stay present in the moment, am more intuitive about my body, and have much improved balance and coordination. I have somehow become more patient with myself and others. Not only have I become less fearful of change – I embrace it. I now have a deep appreciation of the simple pleasures which involve walking, moving and being. It’s a sense of coming to myself after a long absence.

I have a particular interest in voice work, breaking habits of all kinds, and childrens’ health.

hand, lower arm, anatomy, alexander technique, rsi"Getting StartedOn this site you’ll find information to help you decide if the Technique is for you. Everything is described in plain language, to try to demystify this sometimes mystifying topic. If you do decide to embark on your own AT adventure, I hope that it brings you as much pleasure as it has me.

If you are here for information on AT, read about it here.

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Your Alexander Technique teacher

An Alexander Technique teacher must successfully complete a practical, comprehensive, three year, full-time, Alexander teaching course.

Sara Shepherd, Alexander Technique Teacher