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Where to find teachers of The Alexander Technique, Dublin. The map shows the location of Alexander lessons, Dublin.

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Alexander Technique Professional Bodies

Each Alexander teacher listed here is accredited by at least one of the professional bodies. These are:

(ISATT) is the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers, the national body in Ireland. Click here for its list of Alexander teachers in Leinster.

ATI indicates a member of Alexander Technique International. ATI teaching members must be assessed and sponsored by three sponsoring members. The list of teaching members in Ireland is on this page.

mSTAT indicates member of The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique. This is the original UK body, with many overseas members. For a list of teachers, go to the STAT teacher search page, and enter Dublin in the ‘town’ field.

Alexander Technique- Dublin Connections

  • George Bernard Shaw started taking lessons from F.M. Alexander at the age of 86. He wrote:
“Alexander established not only the beginnings of a far reaching science of the apparently involuntary movements we call reflexes, but a technique of correction and self-control which forms a substantial addition to our very slender resources in personal education.”
  • The reason that Dublin singing trio sang barefoot was that Eve studied AT at college. They found being barefoot allowed them to understand what they were doing with their muscles while singing.
  • Alexander Technique is taught at Dublin Institute of Technology’s Conservatory of Music and Drama.

Sara Shepherd, Alexander Technique Teacher