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Alexander Technique

About The Alexander Technique, and F.M. Alexander’s story

Alexander Technique video

Marjorie Barstow, an experienced teacher, talks about the discovery of The Alexander Technique, and shows what goes on in an Alexander technique lesson.

Alexander Technique Dublin

Teachers of The Alexander Technique, Dublin. Location of Alexander lessons, Dublin.


Some anatomy of the voice; how AT can improve voice quality

Voice Lessons Dublin

How to book a voice lesson in Dublin

Back Pain

Physiology of back pain, research on back pain, Alexander Technique approach to back pain

Back Pain Ireland

Review of evidence based treatment for back pain, Irish back pain professionals, Irish support group


Posture the Alexander Technique way is different from ‘good posture’


What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson, what to wear

Book A Lesson

How to book a lesson with Sara Shepherd

About me

About Sara Shepherd, Alexander Technique teacher.


How to contact us, with map.

Sara Shepherd, Alexander Technique Teacher